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Contexts. Past participle for to inspire with unreasoning love, attachment or enthusiasm. Past participle for to cause to be amazed or astonished. Verb. . Past participle for to inspire with unreasoning love, attachment or enthusiasm. infatuated.

Besotten meaning

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if you have one i'd like to hear it.As this is a discussion in the name of clever people, i hope that this will not trigger any racist views, as anyone who is naive enou A short guide for those who wish to find true love and understand what love really means! Read full profile I am sure that many of us have grown up reading and hearing about the term ‘once in a lifetime love’. It may be an ancient adage, ho According to Purdue University's Online Writing Lab, personal correspondence is defined as either personal letters or newsletters. Personal letters include According to Purdue University's Online Writing Lab, personal correspondence is defi And a tightly constrained definition of who is free. Old regime, smoke of history Or a vision of utopia that only the besotten can see? Old regime, smoke of  Pun on "soul" meaning "person" and French "soûl" meaning "drunk." Besotted Besotten Bet one-s kettle. Better if one-s gone twice after the same load I am guarded by the angels.

besotted definition: 1.

Hur att uttala Buzau Rumänska

2.To be pissed. Luke's got her pathetically besotted.

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of a male parent) to generate (offspring).

1.To be drunk with love .A sickly infactuation that leaves you half-witted. 2.To be pissed.
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Besotten meaning

Add a note. Add a note to the entry "zo gek als een ui". Write a usage hint or an example and help to improve our dictionary. Definition of besotted 1 : blindly or utterly infatuated besotted lovers They have a mad affair.

Intellectually or morally blinded. 3.
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Now, one's mind is immediately brought to trips to Mexico by thousands of drunken, drug- besotten teenagers for "spring break" formerly called "Easter vacation," though given that it's currently given over entirely to debauchery it is perhaps good that it no longer takes its name from that most sacred of holidays. Archive 2009-08-01.

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She was born Tess Brock in 1825 and died Hag Struan in 1917, aged ninety-two, toothless, hairless, besotten , vicious and dreadful to her very last day. Synonyms for besotten include infatuated, captivated, enchanted, fascinated, misled, obsessed, beguiled, bewitched, deluded and stupefied. Find more similar words at + improve definition Help us improve our definitions, add your own or improve one of these for the word besotten as a verb Type: Noun Verb Verb-Intransitive Verb-Transitive Adjective Pronoun Proper-noun Interjection Adverb Abbreviation Conjunction Synonyms Idiom Phrase Prefix Suffix Origin Slang Person Alternative forms Etymology Pronunciation besotted definition in English dictionary, besotted meaning, synonyms, see also 'botte',Best',best end',bottled'. Enrich your vocabulary with the English Definition dictionary Define begotten. begotten synonyms, begotten pronunciation, begotten translation, English dictionary definition of begotten. v. A past participle of beget.

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be·sot·ted, be·sot·ting, be·sots To muddle or stupefy, as with alcoholic liquor or infatuation.

besotten. Contexts.