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Modified duration vs macaulay duration

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This will give modified duration a value close to the Macaulay duration (and equal when rates are continuously compounded). Discrete time As shown in the above example, the Macaulay duration is the weighted average of cash flow maturities while the modifies duration requires further adjustments to Macaulay duration Macaulay duration is used to understand that for how long an investor needs to hold a bond for the present value of the CFs to equal the price paid for the bond. Se hela listan på La duration modifiée est une version ajustée de la duration de Macaulay, qui représente l'évolution du rendement par rapport aux échéances.


Discrete time Higher the modified duration, more volatility the bond exhibits with a change in interest rates. Thus, bonds with higher modified duration do massively well in falling interest rates. Macaulay Duration. Macaulay duration basically measures how long does it take for the price of a bond to be repaid by the cash flows from it.

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It is calculated as shown below: Modified Duration = Macaulay Duration /( 1 + y/n), where y = yield to maturity and n = number of discounting periods in year ( 2 for semi – annual paying bonds ) … the Macaulay duration can be approximated as the approximate modified duration multiplied by one plus the yield per period: $$ \text{Approximate Macaulay duration} = \text{Approx. ModDur} × (1 + r) $$ Example of Approximate Modified and Macaulay Duration. An investor buys a three-year bond with a 5% coupon rate paid annually. The duration metric comes in several modifications. The most common are the Macaulay duration, modified duration, and effective duration.

Bond Market Price - The present value of all cash flows of the bond. Modified Duration. One of the interesting side effects of Macaulay Duration is that it can be   Answer to Calculate Macaulay's duration, the modified duration, and the convexity of the following bonds (annualize the paramete Jun 7, 2012 Macaulay duration, which is named after Frederick Macaulay, who developed it in 1938, provides a weighted average of the time to each interest  May 6, 2016 Bond Duration, calculation of Macaulay duration, Modified duration, Effective duration and change in bond price to change in yield. Excel file link:. Oct 25, 2018 Here we have explained a Mutual Fund term - Bond duration: Macaulay and Modified Duration. Jul 1, 2019 Know more about Bond Duration, Macaulay Duration, Modified Duration. Previous Stock Investment Strategies: Fundamental Analysis Vs  Investors can use modified duration to assess the price volatility of individual bonds or an overall portfolio.
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Modified duration vs macaulay duration

For fixed coupon paying bonds with continuous compounding the Modified duration and the Macaulay duration are equal. This is the first derivative and  that is, Macaulay duration and modified duration are the same. See pages 455- 456 in the textbook. -----------.

Duration Gap. The duration gap is the difference between the Macaulay duration and the investment horizon. Mathematically: $$\text{Duration gap = MacDur – Investment quad horizon}$$ When the investment horizon is greater than the Macaulay duration of a bond, coupon reinvestment risk dominates market price risk. Modified Duration Formula As shown in Figure 3, modified duration is an extension of Macaulay duration because it takes into account interest rate movements by including the frequency of coupon payments per year. Using the Macaulay duration formula in Fig­ It takes 2.7458 years to recover Using the previous example, yield to maturity Macaulay duration is the weighted average time to cash flow, weighted by the present value of the flow.
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The Macauley duration is the weighted average time to obtain all the bond’s cash flows and is expressed in years. If the Macaulay Duration states the time period within which the PV of the bond shall be realized, the modified duration expresses the sensitivity of bond price to interest rates. It is expressed in percentage.

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My First Thoughts. The first thing I check when beginning a new paper is the # of pages.

The Project Gutenberg eBook, Options, by O. Henry This

What is the Modified Duration? The modified duration of a bond is a measure of the sensitivity of a bond's market price to a change in interest rates. Macaulay Duration Example: Consider a 2-year coupon bond with a face and redemption value of $100 and a coupon rate of 10% per annum payable semiannually and a yield to maturity of 12% per annum compounded semiannually. Find the Macaulay Duration. The Macaulay Duration is 3.7132 semiannual periods or 1.86 years. Apply the Modified duration formula on the price arrived above: Modified Duration = – (1/P) * (dP/dr) Using the rules of algebra, Modified Duration = (1 / (1+Yield/2)) * weighted average of the cash flow maturities. Weighted average of cash flow maturities = Macaulay duration.

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